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Winter Mass Festival: King Woman & Blackwater Holylight At A Prime

Sights from Night 2 of the eclectic music festival at The Teragram.

Photograph by Maurice Nuñez

Text, Photos by Maurice Nuñez (@devilman.138) at the

Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA on January 7, 2023:

We're inching closer to the end of January and may we say that it's been an incredibly strong year for music already, both in the live setting and in the weekly releases and announcements. Festivals are coming in left and right, and for those in Los Angeles, we've already had one standout collection of artists by way of Winter Mass Festival. which featured an eclectic array: King Woman, Blackwater Holylight, Izzy Spears, The Mainliners, Urns and Argyles, and J-Mont.

The spellbinding doom of Portland's Blackwater Holylight was among the signature sets from the evening as it swayed heads and had the venue rumbling with slow burning riffs, one after the next. Mostly obscured and hidden under low light, the band excelled at creating intrigue among the many staring in awe.

Photograph by Maurice Nuñez

Enjoy a photo gallery of Blackwater Holylight in action below.

Enter King Woman a commanding tour de force that becomes one with the enthusiasm of the attending crowd. From a somber serenade comprised of hits from 2021's Celestial Blues to an empowering gathering amongst the venue floor, Kristina Esfandiari's craft expanded as well as the music. One could see and feel the emotion radiating from the vocal powerhouse; some joined in and sang along in unison, speaking volumes of the grip that King Woman has on many. That said, Winter Mass Festival delivered big.

Photograph by Maurice Nuñez

Enjoy a photo gallery of King Woman below.


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