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WOLF KING announce new album 'The Path of Wrath'

Continuing their hot-streak in wretched fashion.

Photograph by Brandon Gullion

A set of years from 2018's hard-hitting Loyal To The Soil and WOLF KING return with a proper follow-up, The Path of Wrath. Arriving on March 5, 2021 via the always eclectic Prosthetic Records, The Path Of Wrath finds the quartet at their best yet, narrating tales of trials and tribulations through their ferocious blackened heavy metal lens. Take lead single Sanctuary for a spin and brace for impact come March of next year.

The band comment on the album and single:

"The Path of Wrath tells of a collective journey through the turmoils and tribulations of life. Filmed during our last tour in March with Vale of Pnath, Sanctuary takes on the perspective of realizing that the only way to escape this wretched world is through death’s cold hands. We’re born without choice, forced to endure suffering, and find clarity through lifelessness."

Stream Sanctuary below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Jacob Broughton


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