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WORM announce new album 'Foreverglade' + share menacing lead single

Floridian funeral doom with a Brad Moore cover to die for.


As we enter the last stages of the year, it must be said that 20 Buck Spin has yet to miss a step. From Wode to Gravesend and Ænigmatum, the label has shown no signs of stopping and with the announcement of Worm's highly anticipated new record, Foreverglade, the label adds another year ender to their fold. Fronted by the vibrant passageways of Brad Moore, Foreverglade arrives on October 22nd and looks to set the funeral doom ranks ablaze. Lead single Empire Of The Necromancers sets the stage for it all as a suffocatingly heavy endeavor with brief glimpses of beauty through a selection of carefully placed guitar melodies. For as high as 2019's Gloomlord set the bar, Foreverglade takes their power to new and punishing heights that position the Floridian trio amidst the top of the underground bunch.

Stream Empire Of The Necromancers below and stay tuned for album pre-orders.


brad moore dark art
Cover Art by Brad Moore


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