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YATRA share title track from forthcoming 'All Is Lost'

The Maryland-based trio issue a ferocious take on doom.

Photograph by Shane Gardner

Three albums in and YATRA have honed in on a gruesome formula for their upcoming full-length, All Is Lost, a record that stands as the band's heaviest yet with touches of psychedelic vibrance scattered throughout a deadly take on doom. It arrives on October 9th via Grimoire Records and comes fronted by Paolo Girardi's artistic prowess, the likes of which depict a decaying saber-toothed tiger. One could argue that the cover is representative of the aggressive tones present throughout All Is Lost, making for one blood-curling audiovisual experience.

YATRA's Dana Helmuth comments:

"'All Is Lost' is about the space that exists between twilight and dawn and that space as a metaphor to good and evil, and light and dark, and life and death, which I write about a lot. Where that minute space lies, and its relation to our current existence, is somewhat of a vampire or zombie like, undead reality. 'Riders of the midnight kingdom. Die before your flesh has turned. Reapers ride the blackest winds, harvesting a death foretold.' I actually wrote this song before our current pandemic reality, and we had performed it live twice. This song and 'Talons Of Eagles' were the two from the album we were taking out on our tours that were all cancelled. 'All Is Lost' seemed a fitting title for our current state of things, and the album title."

Stream the lead single/title track below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Paolo Girardi


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