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YELLOW EYES announce new album 'Rare Field Ceiling'

A culmination of emotions.

Almost a decade since their inception, YELLOW EYES remain strong and are constantly evolving as one of the strongest American black metal bands to date. With each album comes growth, perseverance, and triumph, but not without a fair share of pain, suffering, and delusion. Their newly announced fifth full-length Rare Field Ceiling is a culmination of said feelings and a statement that further defines the band as one that deserves your full scope of attention. It is set to release on June 29, 2019 via Gilead Media.

Recorded by YELLOW EYES themselves, Rare Field Ceiling shows no signs of compromise, fully encapsulating a unified voice that aligns with the band's vision of uncompromising black metal. Despite the bleak and uninviting introduction offered by the cover art, the album itself tends to be warm, accessible, and radiant, striking a balance between two opposite extremes. With a couple months left to go until release date, YELLOW EYES have made the lead single No Dust available for dissection.

Stream the lead single No Dust below and pre-order your copy here.


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