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YOO DOO RIGHT announce debut album 'Don't Think You Can Escape Your Purpose' + share title track

A limitless post-rock listen arrives with the cosmic art of Louis-Alexandre Beauregard.

yoo doo right
Photograph by Stacy Lee

The sonic boundaries of post-rock are truly nonexistent with bands of all musical backgrounds integrating a variety of elements into an arrayed result. Among those who thrive on this experimentation is Montréal-based trio YOO DOO RIGHT, who today announce the arrival of their first incarnation, Don't Think You Can Escape Your Purpose.

Arriving on May 21st via Mothland, Don't Think You Can Escape Your Purpose is the epitome of band camaraderie, a dynamic that creates a wholly organic sound representative of the creative minds involved. With grandiose atmospheres to immerse listeners into a seamless shoegazey post-rock blend, Don't Think proves to be a listen that encourages multiple visits, unfolding with new layers time after time. The lead single/title track, which comes alongside a music video by Justin Cober, excels at introducing the record's solemn qualities, qualities that make it a perfect soundtrack to the galaxy illustrated by Louis-Alexandre Beauregard on the cover.

YOO DOO RIGHT comment on the track:

"It’s about a person who is losing touch with reality. Who thinks he has a higher purpose and is supposed to be an ambassador to a higher extraterrestrial race. It’s a looming atmospheric rhythm and crawl."

Video director Justin Cober on the visuals:

"In an attempt to achieve a higher purpose in life, the subject instead witnesses their own deteriorating mental posture. As a means of overcoming assumed existential risk (the hurdles of our great filter), the subject looks above and within believing that they alone have been chosen to solve the problems that our species faces. Images of Eva Szasz' 1968 short film 'Cosmic Zoom', produced by the National Film Board of Canada were cast over foliage to make for fitting imagery, complementing the narrative."

Stream the title track below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Louis-Alexandre Beauregard
Cover art by Louis-Alexandre Beauregard


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