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ZEAL & ARDOR share explosive new single 'Erase'

The band's new LP arrives next year but Gagneux looks to dominate early on with conviction.


Continuing their trajectory as one of metal's most trailblazing acts, Zeal & Ardor release Erase as another standalone offering from their maelstrom of sound. What begins as a gentle acoustic melody erupts into an uncompromising affair led by a set of blood-curling screams, courtesy of frontman Manuel Gagneux. The drums pummel your head in simultaneously with a razor sharp set of riffs that spike the energy level to venue leveling extremes. Despite Erase and the previously released Run serving as independent releases, they prepare the thousands for Zeal & Ardor's next raw chapter.

Gagneux comments:

"We would like to surprise you again with this one. 'Erase' aims to confuse you in the most pleasant way possible. Hope you enjoy."

Stream the track below and stay tuned for more from Zeal & Ardor.

zeal & ardor
Photograph by Georg Gatsas


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