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Zeal & Ardor share somber new single 'Clawing out'

Chugging guitars and Korn-esque vocal styles comprise this consuming track.

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Zeal & Ardor, 2024

On August 23rd, Zeal & Ardor will release their highly anticipated new album, GREIF, which, like its predecessor, never ceases to amaze with its broad palette of sonic influence across its runtime. While first single, to my ilk, took a more solemn and melodic approach as a soothing number, Clawing out is much more rhythmic and hellish throughout its haunting nature. It's a step in the right direction for an eclectic band with surprises up their sleeves.

Frontman Manuel Gagneux comments on the track:

"We like to surprise people. So, of course, after releasing our softest song to date with 'to my ilk,' we want to create some whiplash with 'Clawing out!' Not satisfied with a mere heavy riffed song, we elected to borrow some elements from other musical styles to further the impact. Revel with us in righteous violence — justificatum malum factum."

Experience Clawing out below and pre-order the album now.

zeal and ardor grief, zeal and ardor new album.
"Greif" (2024) Cover Artwork


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