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Darkest Hour announce new album 'Perpetual | Terminal' + stream lead single

A moving video by Mirko Witzki and a wickedly detailed cover illustration by way of Pig Hands opens up the highly anticipated release cycle.

darkest hour new album, darkest hour perpetual terminal
Darkest Hour, 2023

On February 23rd, 2024, metalcore giants Darkest Hour return with Perpetual | Terminal via MNRK Heavy — the first full=length album since 2017's Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora. Like the vivid Pig Hands cover illustration it sports, Perpetual | Terminal is soulful with a title track to set expectations high with riffs and melodies to boast.

Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum comments:

"The record's theme centers around the duality of 'survival while embracing rebirth. We keep killing parts of ourselves to make new parts and survive. The story of the record is the story of the band.

We're still here, and we're giving the world a body of work that's representative of our music today. We've realized relationships, tours, good times, everything that seems to give life meaning, is terminal—and will inevitably end. Nevertheless, we're 46-year-old dudes who love this music enough to put up with the trials and tribulations of being artists in a touring band."

Experience the title track below and pre-order Perpetual | Terminal via MNRK.

darkest hour new album, darkest hour perpetual terminal.
Cover Artwork by Antonio Ilievski (Pig Hands)


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