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DEAFHEAVEN announce new album 'Infinite Granite' + share lead single

Continuing their sonic exploration towards a more shoegaze laden realm of pure bliss.

Photograph by George Clarke

With glistening guitars and soothing vocal melodies to boast, DEAFHEAVEN mark their next chapter, Infinite Granite. Arriving on August 20th via Sargent House, Infinite Granite sports a Nick Steinhardt design representative of the band's sonic qualities, that being dreamlike. DEAFHEAVEN's trek throughout the metal realms has been far from linear, bouncing from black metal to blackgaze and post-rock in seamless manner. Lead single Great Mass of Color proves that the quintet might perhaps be straying further from those ranks, despite the few screams towards the back end of the track. Regardless, DEAFHEAVEN are a band that have shaped their own path and come August 20th, a new era will ensue for the ensemble.

Experience Great Mass of Color below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Nick Steinhardt deafheaven
Cover design by Nick Steinhardt


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