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DEFEATED SANITY return with 'The Sanguinary Impetus'

Death metal of boundless aggression to batter your head in.


It's bands like Germany's DEFEATED SANITY that define extreme music with their lack of respect for solace. Pummeling double bass, razor sharp riffs, and growls from the depths of hell all comprise the band's signature progressive death metal sound. The unit look to continue their assault with their new record The Sanguinary Impetus, set to arrive July 24th via Willowtip Records.

Properly fronted by tattoo extraordinaire Jon Zig, The Sanguinary Impetus reflects DEFEATED SANITY's strongest efforts to date. Though brutal in every way, it remains controlled, swarming listeners with violent technicality. With lead single Propelled Into Sacrilege, the band have offered the perfect example of what awaits you all this summer.

DEFEATED SANITY comment of the release:

"With The Sanguinary Impetus we have created our most complex album to date. We had strayed pretty far from our style musically with Disposal of the Dead/Dharmata and felt a strong urge to pick up where we left off with Passages Into Deformity and expand on the trademark DS sound."

Stream Propelled Into Sacrilege below and pre-order your copy of this beast HERE.

Cover art by Jon Zig


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