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Denver's IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS announce new album 'Lux'

Making sense of the world through hard hitting riffs.

Photograph by Colleen Donley

Among the many cities known for their metal, few are currently doing it like Denver. The capital of Colorado is home to a plethora of bands that are reshaping the standards through quality takes on the genre. With bands like IN THE COMPANY OF SERPENTS, the city shows no signs of slowing down, keeping their foothold on our attention release after release. The doom laden trio will self-release their new album Lux on May 15th.

Lux stands as an honest composition, exploring the concept of Prima Materia as a means of understanding why things happen. This 8-track outing is nothing short of remarkable, exploring said ideology and delivering on musical, visual, and lyrical ends to great affair. Complete with crushing sonics, lead single The Fool's Journey is evident of the heart each member has invested in this doom metal effort.

Frontman Grant Netzorg on the release:

"Philosophers, hermeticists, alchemists, occultists, and all manner of wizards have speculated what that Prima Materia, is, but the three chief analogies I've employed in this record are: All is sound, All is mind and, critically, All is Light. With that in mind, we are employing a wealth of solar imagery with this record, both in the front cover, and lyrically."

Netzorg on the visual components for the record:

"This ties into the broader solar and light themes at play in the album, but the title, cover, and broader theme is also uniquely personal to me. 'Lux' is the etymology of my daughter's name, Lucia. So, while this album functions as a form of esoteric prayer on one hand, it also serves as a message to my two-year-old, who, as they say in the cliché, is the light of my life."

Stream The Fool's Journey below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Christina Hunt


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