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DESCEND INTO DESPAIR release towering new track 'ensh[r]ine'

A beautiful behemoth hailing from the band's upcoming full-length.


Now a decade in existence, DESCEND INTO DESPAIR are ready to usher in the next chapter of their career with Opium, out on May 31st via Armenian doom metal label Funere. Exploring the German concept of weltschmerz, or world pain, DESCEND INTO DESPAIR takes on the darker sentiments of humanity through a rather earth shattering slab of funeral doom.

To pave the way towards the release, the Romanian unit present the opening track ensh[r]ine as the first taste of existential dread that hails from the forthcoming record. The track opens with an angelic vocal performance by LYCIA's Tara Vanflower as a preface to the looming death that frontman Xander Coza (ex-PANTHEIST) sets forth. It spans a solid 22 minutes that unfolds with each listen, growing on listeners as a dynamic composition that strays from repetitiveness. It's something to immerse and lose yourself in for it stands as the strongest DESCEND INTO DESPAIR release to date.

Stream the lead single ensh[r]ine below and pre-order your copy HERE via Bandcamp.

Cover art by Xander Coza


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