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Exhumed Announce New Guitarist Sebastian Philips

A great addition to the gore metal legends.

Sebastian Philips & Matt Harvey @ UNION LA | Photo by Heaviest of Art

Exhumed welcome guitarist Sebastian Philips of Noisem to their arsenal, replacing guitarist Bud Burke as a full time member of the band. Philips has been playing live with Exhumed since the release of Death Revenge (October 2017) and Heaviest of Art had the privilege of seeing him shred our minds out during their show at Union Club Los Angeles with Revocation, Rivers of Nihil, and Yautja.

Band founder and guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey comments:

"We're super psyched to bring Baz into the fold. Anyone that's seen us since Death Revenge came out can attest that he's killed it on the last few tours, and we couldn't ask for a better fit."

Phillips comments:

"It's been blast so far and since the first tour I did with Exhumed, it just felt comfortable. I'd been a fan for a long time and getting to know them, I found out that we all come from the same hard rock and nasty fast extreme metal backgrounds, so it just made sense."

Harvey clarifies that the split with Bud Burke comes on good terms, and it was simply a matter of him not being able to tour as much as needed. He also mentions that new material is in the works:

"We're definitely going back to into the studio next year," confirms Harvey. "We have a ton of material that's shaping up to be really aggressive, and we're pumped to get Baz contributing to the writing and recording side of things as well!"

We're excited to see the band continue to grow and if their new material is anything like the last one, then we're in. Stream Exhumed's latest release Death Revenge in full below, courtesy of Relapse Records.


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