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Final Gasp share hard-hitting new single 'Blood and Sulfur'

The last audio sample from the band's forthcoming debut.

final gasp, goth
Photograph by Tyler Hallett

In three weeks time, Final Gasp will release their debut album, Mourning Moon, via Relapse Records and this week, the band share their final and most thrilling single, Blood and Sulfur. Like the gothic cover artwork it sports, Blood and Sulfur treads down a dark yet soulful soundscape carried by its punk bravado.

Frontman Jake Murphy comments on the track:

“‘Blood and Sulfur’ is based on the short story ‘The Smell Of Sulfur’. I found it in a really old book that was printed in the early 40s. It was about the Devil antagonizing a businessman by making everyone else around him successful and offering him his hand to give him the same success. The man ends up taking it, but when he does everyone around him dies and he’s the last one left on Earth, in turn making him the only successful person left.”

Stream Blood and Sulfur below and pre-order Mourning Moon.

dark art, final gasp
"Mourning Moon" (2023)


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