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FULL OF HELL announce new album 'Garden of Burning Apparitions' + share lead single

The very definition of extreme music.

full of hell
Photograph by Jess Dankmeyer

Short, sweet, and to the point; that's the FULL OF HELL mantra. The band waste no time in pummeling you from the start with a maelstrom of death, grind, and hardcore, all of which coalesce seamlessly into one unbridled beast. Today, the band unveil the coming of their next full-length record, Garden of Burning Apparitions, set to arrive on October 1st via Relapse Records. With the announcement comes the hard-hitting lead single Industrial Messiah Complex, a monstrous effort that paves the path for the Seth Manchester-produced Garden of Burning Apparitions. On the visual end, Mark McCoy was enlisted once more to put a face to the band's audial terror.

Frontman Dylan Walker comments on the new single:

“Industrial Messiah Complex examines the commodification and weaponization of faith and spirituality. This misdirection is a ploy for control and power. Whether through some profit obsessed mega-church or via militaristic action, humanity is raked over the coals and bled out until there’s nothing left but cinders and dust."

Stream Industrial Messiah Complex below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

Cover art by Mark McCoy


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