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Fuming Mouth announce new album 'Last Day of Sun' + share lead single

A long-awaited full-length return celebrating frontman Mark Whelan's victory over cancer.

fuming mouth, new fuming mouth album, last day of sun, dark art
Photograph by Blackcardfilms

On November 3rd, Fuming Mouth will release Last Day of Sun via Nuclear Blast Records, emerging once again as a trailblazing death metal unit hellbent on delivering a moving listen of profound lyricism, explosive instrumentation, and heart. Last Day of Sun follows a difficult last few years after frontman Mark Whelan was diagnosed with leukemia with the music reflecting both the anguish and new outlook on life. It starts with the art of celebrated death metal artist Stefan Todorović (Khaos Diktator Design) on the cover and a ripping lead single, The Silence Beyond Life, to set the stage.

Frontman Mark Whelan comments on the record:

“What started as a fictional concept album became incredibly real. I was facing certain death, but as I kept writing the album it’s theme became clear. You could die tomorrow. Seize the day.

‘The Silence Beyond Life’ is our most melodic and heaviest song to date drawing influence from God Macabre, Gorement, and other melodic Swedish death metal acts of the time like Therion and Cemetary. It’s a song about trying to live while longing to die and overcoming that."

Stream The Silence Beyond Life below and pre-order Last Day of Sun via Nuclear Blast.

fuming mouth, new fuming mouth album, last day of sun, dark art
Cover Artwork by Stefan Todorović (Khaos Diktator Design)


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