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ICON OF PHOBOS and KATHEKSIS collide for the menacing 'Primal Death Rites' split

A tortuous walk through black metal hell.

Cover art by Paolo Girardi

From weekly heavy hitting shows to the inception of daring new bands, Los Angeles has remained a home to one of the more prominent underground metal scenes in the world. With releases like the new Primal Death Rites split between LA's ICON OF PHOBOS and KATHEKSIS, the renowned city looks to remain on the throne. Let Girardi's breathtaking painting invite you to a world of hurt.

The ICON OF PHOBOS side sports the turbulent Detriment and Dominance, a track that is apt for it's name. It takes but one second into the offering to assault the senses with a hellish double bass pedal display capable of leveling sound systems anywhere. Production is clear cut and the riffs remain precise as the blood curling growls overshadow the listener. As Detriment and Dominance comes to a close, KATHEKSIS picks up right where it left off with I Am Death. The explosiveness present on this composition is bar none among the most intense you'll experience thus far. I Am Death keeps listeners on edge due to shifting tempos that highlight the band's dynamic qualities. With art this good and a numbered vinyl package including a poster, insert, and pin, you'd best pickup your copy of the split as soon as you can.

Stream Primal Death Rites below and pre-order your copy of this beast HERE.



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