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JOE WONG shares Titmouse-produced video for 'Dreams Wash Away'

Lush soundscapes paired well with visuals from the acclaimed Netflix series.

Photograph by Priscilla C. Scott

Those who opened their hearts to the moving nature of Pendleton Ward (ADVENTURE TIME) and comedian Duncan Trussell's new animated Netflix series The Midnight Gospel found themselves a witness to stimulating plots that resonated with many. Along with said plots was a soulful score by composer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Wong (MASTER OF NONE, RUSSIAN DOLL), a score that added depth to the already tantalizing collection of episodes. As the series came to a close, Wong's musical prowess shined even further as his single Dreams Wash Away played along, encapsulating the episode's acceptance of mortality. Accepting mortality is something that was very real for Wong as he had lost his own father just as The Midnight Gospel began production, making Dreams Wash Away a defining moment in the musician's career. The single isn't just a component of a soundtrack, but a part of his upcoming full length debut Nite Creatures that was mixed by renowned FLAMING LIPS producer Dave Fridmann.

Wong comments:

“This project came into my life at precisely the right time. A few days after our first meeting, Duncan called me to discuss music as I was unexpectedly driving to the airport to say goodbye to my dad. Later, I came to learn that our experiences and philosophies around death mirrored one another. Working with this extraordinary team and writing ‘Dreams Wash Away’ helped me work through the loss.”

Emmy award-winning animation studio Titmouse and editor Megan Love of The Midnight Gospel took on the psychedelic video for Dreams Wash Away, which you can check out below as we hear more about Nite Creatures.



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