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KING WOMAN share haunting video for new single 'Psychic Wound'

Let the promo photo serve as a taste of what Kris and Muted Widows have done again.

king woman
Photograph by Nedda Afsari

Last month's announcement of new KING WOMAN album Celestial Blues drew many eyes towards the group's doom laden hymns through the cinematic prowess of Muted Widows. The filmmakers brought the twisted nature of lead single Morning Star to life and with the recent arrival of Psychic Wound, they've done so once more albeit much bloodier. Until Celestial Blues arrives on July 30th via Relapse Records, let Psychic Wound guide you through KING WOMAN's mesmerizing compositions, the likes of which are set to return to the live stage later this month.

Frontwoman Kris Esfandiari comments:

“‘Psychic Wound’ is about paying the price for eating forbidden fruit. When desire turns into obsession it can keep you longer than you intended to stay and nearly destroy your sanity.”

Experience Psychic Wound below and pre-order your copy of the record HERE.

king woman
Cover photograph by Nedda Afsari


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