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MORTIFERUM achieve true filth on "Archaic Vision Of Despair"

Hailing from their forthcoming debut.

Photograph by Carter Murdoch

When MORTIFERUM reigned terror upon the Five Star Bar in Los Angeles earlier this year, audiences clamored to witness true death at the hands of the unit. Slow punishment through menacing riffs filled the venue, laying waste to what little sanity the LA crowd had left that night. This coming from a band that has but one demo (Altar of Decay, 2017) in their catalog is an impressive feat, which only paves the path for what is the highly anticipated release of their debut record Disgorged From Psychotic Depths, set to arrive on October 11th via the always consistent Profound Lore Records.

To accompany the album announcement, MORTIFERUM have made available the monolithic new single Archaic Vision of Despair. This death doom offering is wretched as the cover art that fronts it, unfolding with every bellowed growl and pummeling drum display. If the worst of life's horrors ever made it to sonic form, MORTIFERUM would be it.

Stream Archaic Vision of Despair below and stay tuned for pre-orders.

Cover art by Chase Slaker


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