Premiere: WHOREDOM RIFE unveil cover art for new album 'Winds of Wrath'

Enlisting the talents of José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal once more for another staggering piece.

whoredom rife
Photograph by O.A.A./Terratur Possessions

Words by Luis (@luis.hoa):

To quote Michael Morpurgo's 'Private Peaceful' (2003), “I could believe only in the hell I was living in, a hell on earth, and it was man-made, not God-made.” If the contemporary state of affairs has shown anything, it's that hell isn't beneath the surface, but here, in your face and among us all. No matter where one stands on the religious or sociopolitical spectrum, it's impossible to overlook the immeasurable horror that mankind is capable of and continues to practice without an end in sight. Norway's Whoredom Rife know this well and take this dreary reality to concoct a black metal being so sinister and telling of the times. Today, Heaviest of Art is thrilled to present an audiovisual look at Winds of Wrath, the duo's forthcoming chapter of diabolic grace.

Arriving this November via Terratur Possessions, Winds of Wrath continues a lineage of Norwegian black metal greatness with an outing that astounds musically as it does visually. The effort comes adorned in the distinguished art of José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal, who has illustrated for Whoredom Rife since their inaugural self-titled (2016) EP. The front cover alone is noteworthy, but it's the entire gatefold, inner artwork, booklet, and overall approach that make this one comprehensive beast to bask in. This is dark art at its finest and we're only a conduit to the canvas.

We welcome Ole of Terratur Possessions, V. Einride of Whoredom Rife, and José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal to an in-depth discussion on the expansive nature of Winds of Wrath and its accompanying artistry:

José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal has put a face to Whoredom Rife since the debut, 'self-titled' EP, excelling with dark elegance each and every time. Is it safe to say that he's essentially an honorary member of Whoredom at this point, especially with him having a clear understanding of the band’s creative process.

Whoredom Rife: Yes, definitively. José’s input has definitively pushed our ideas further with his knowledge and studies. The man is a walking lexicon when it comes to religion. There’s an undeniable mutual understanding that surpasses just client/artist at this point, something we noticed from the very start.

Back when V.Einride played drums for Gorgoroth, 5 years ago, they played in Peru and gave José and his friends free entrance, something that deepened the connection between all of us. One thing is emails and whatnot between us, but it gets more real when there’s face to face interaction. José is very much an important part of the band at this point, and he will be used as long as