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SILVER KNIFE share new single 'This Numinous Loom'

Transcendental melancholy.

Cover art by Business For Satan

With Business for Satan at the helm for visuals and MARE COGNITUM's Jake Buczarski in charge of mastering, SILVER KNIFE are coming into their debut release with the right creative team. Consisting of musicians from NUSQUAMA, CULT OF ERINYES, HYPOTHERMIA and more, the pan-international unit have prepared a sorrowful black metal composition of sheer force with Unyielding/Unseeing, which is set to arrive on August 19th via Amor Fati Productions and Entropic Recordings. Brace yourself for the release with the recent arrival of This Numinous Loom as the second single from the release.

Stream This Numinous Loom below and stay tuned for pre-orders HERE.

Logo by Business for Satan


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