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WORMED return from deep space with "Metaportal"

Technical death metal mastery.

Three years from the dimension spanning Krighsu and WORMED are back with the newly announced EP Metaportal, set to release on July 19 via Season of Mist. As intricate as expected, WORMED mount listeners with rhythmic complexities, pummeling double-bass work, and melodic soundscapes on this four-track composition. The signature sci-fi aggressiveness of the band remains in tact, complemented by their exemplary musicianship.

The band comment on the release:

"Entering the Metaportal. A nano technological war has been unleashed in the void to defeat the last sower of human life, Krighsu. In a desperate attempt to help a galactic system in danger, Krighsu must access the vast Metaportal, what he doesn't know yet is the reason for its existence."

Stream the tantalizing lead single Remote Void below and pre-order your copy HERE.

Cover art by Phlegeton Art Studio


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