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ZEAL & ARDOR share new single 'Run'

Paving the path for their incoming self-titled release.


The black metal blues formula that ZEAL & ARDOR have concocted is more than just musically excellent but thematically as well with a lyricism that triggers thought and further insight. It's at times haunting and at times invigorating, all while grasping your every sense. Following the success of the acclaimed Stranger Fruit (2018) and Wake of a Nation (2020), ZEAL & ARDOR prepare for the arrival of their self-titled record, which is set to arrive later this year. In the meantime, the band share Run as a testament to the sonic rage that awaits.

Frontman Manuel Gagneux comments:

"'Run' is the first single we are releasing off of our self-titled album because, while there are definitely familiar elements present, it sets the tone for things to come. It is surely one of our most aggressive songs yet, but that is just a vanguard of what lies ahead. So run while you still can."

Stream the new single Run below or in your streaming platform of choice HERE.



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